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Quit my job
Go white water rafting
Wear a "LIFE" T-Shirt while handing out lemons

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Fundraiser: buy car to use for uber driving           
User: vampseve
Location: ,
Givers: 0
Funds Raised:
$0.00 of $10,000.00 / 0 %

Fundraiser Description: Hello, I'm a single mother who has some debt to pay off and needs funds to buy a 2005 or younger car to use for UBER driving. just need a little help to get a car and move on to financial freedom and head towards a new home.

Fundraiser: Be in a pro-poker event once in my life in Vegas.
User: Shinebright82
Location: , Las Vegas,NV
Givers: 0
Funds Raised:
$0.00 of $6,500.00 / 0 %

Fundraiser Description: This fundraiser has no details.

Collect payments for group purchases

Fundraiser: Group Vacation to Greece
User: Katrina Miller
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Givers: 7
Amount per Person: $450.00
Funds Raised:
$3,150.00 of $4,500.00 / 70 %

Fundraiser Description: I found a house on the beach in Greece that sleeps ten people. For $450/person we can rent the house for 8 days and spend a week together in the sun, instead of shoveling snow.

Fundraiser: Whitewater Rafting Trip
User: Brody Shinsky
Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Givers: 6
Amount per Person: $65.00
Funds Raised:
$390.00 of $585.00 / 67 %

Fundraiser Description: Let's finally go on the whitewater rafting trip that we have been talking about. If we book as a group the price drops to $65/person.

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